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MapleStory x SAO contest entry by Gellert-Grindelwald
MapleStory x SAO contest entry
This was my entry from the MapleStory x Sword Art Online collaboration last year. The theme was supposed to be to draw your character (this is one of many for me) in the clothes of a Sword Art Online character. I chose Lisbeth because she's my favorite character, and not too many people had also chosen her. I don't know if it would have been Sinon, had I seen SAO 2 at that point (Sinon is also awesome), but at the time, I liked Lisbeth the most. And still do. XD. I spent almost a month on this because GIMP wouldn't cooperate with me, and because the detail in the background was complex. Unfortunately, I didn't place, but I did get something out of it. XD.  I asked the winners what they use or what I could use to get smooth lines, and was told about FireAlpaca. I haven't used GIMP since, except for photo touch ups.
Anyway, I just only recently remembered to upload this here, and when I finally found the original again..
I realized that the lines were jagged and looked like junk. It was honestly embarrassing, and for something that wasn't even my fault. I had originally drawn this in GIMP, with one of GIMP's native brushes, and with a tablet that, unknown to me, was getting bad. Or was only bad from the time I upgraded Windows, and unknowingly lost pressure sensitivity in my tablet. I have to guess the second, because I was able to draw lines that weren't jagged at times.
I decided to go over the lines in FireAlpaca, and the result is what you see: essentially the same picture, but MUCH BETTER LOOKING CG.

Anyway, this is about a year old now. My screen name isn't even the same anymore, lol. It isn't my best, but remembering how much effort I put into this makes me still like it. Cause seriously, I spent forever on this. D:.
If you're interested, I posted the original on my Tumblr.…

I did reshade/redraw some things, too. I cosplayed Lisbeth, so I know how the shading is supposed to be on the pleats, and how the ruffles look translated into real life. And how to shade those sleeves. It was bothering me too much not to fix it. D:.
SE fanart--WIP by Gellert-Grindelwald
SE fanart--WIP
A WIP version of the Soul Eater artwork I uploaded recently. I didn't add in the background for this yet, and only have base lines. Base as in, I'm fixing them as I go if need be, lol. It looked ok from a distance, but when I get up close to it, I see the bad lines. It's annoying. Anyway, regardless, I've started coloring it. After watching a speed paint/reading tutorials, I think I have skin down and know how to get that soft look that eludes me. >_<;. It's coming out pretty well IMO, though Scarlet's hair may need editing AGAIN. Seriously, I've redone her hair twice. Vajra is coming out super well so far, though. Even his hair.
After being told about it being a free alternative to Sai, I've been using FireAlpaca for a few months now. It's pretty much done everything I've wanted it to, so I have no complaints. I also have the trial version of Sai, and am seeing NO difference between the two. But other threads elsewhere, and old ones here, suggest there is a big difference, and that Sai is so much better.
So, my question is.. is Sai still so much better than Fire Alpaca, as the claim seems to be? And is there really a difference these days that I'm missing?
And is Sai worth the money if I already have Fire Alpaca and GIMP (for photo retouches, if I need to)?
Soul Eater past(?) sketch by Gellert-Grindelwald
Soul Eater past(?) sketch
This one took me the longest, and is the most complicated to explain. This is kind of a Soul Eater AU (or past thing? They mysteriously had modern clothes before Asura was sealed off in the first place..) that I've been RPing/writing ideas for in my mind just cause. XD. It's really easier if it's just the past (cause again, modern clothes in whatever era), but at any rate, it's before Asura goes crazy/totally paranoid, and when his weapon partner is still alive. Since it's said that Asura is part of a group with Excalibur, I (and :iconumbamabumba:) came up with the idea for stories that take place during this time frame, and have also come up with characters that were part of this group that are unknown. Since we're only told about Asura, Excalibur, and Eibon (was he even part of it), and there were supposedly seven of them, we came up with some of the rest. The girl in the foreground is one of them, and is actually a relative to a character that's canon in the Soul Eater world. I won't give it away, but I hope it'll be obvious when it comes time for me to color it. I did carefully base some of her features on this character, but since a lot of Soul Eater characters look similar, it's hard to tell until I color it. >_<;.
The other characters in the pic are Asura (on the left), his weapon partner Vajra (to his right--I don't recall there being an official image of him, nor do I remember them truly stating the character the Soul Eater wiki lists as actually being him. I don't remember them saying anything at all about him besides a name and that he's a guy. Anyway, this is an original design for him), and Excalibur. I actually have started to give this one lineart, lol.
This is also a sketch, like the others, and will be put into scraps soon.
Rin Tohsaka (sketch) by Gellert-Grindelwald
Rin Tohsaka (sketch)
Sketch I drew of Rin Tohsaka using magic against.. SOMETHING. I have no idea what. I don't even know what her background will be right now. >_<;. I just wanted to draw Rin in an action pose. ^^;.
Will move to scraps after it gets a chance to be seen.
I finally posted something that's not just a forum request. :). It took me forever to do, but I finally finished the Luka pic I had been working on. It took me forever because GIMP was initially refusing to behave. It originally kept crashing. And even when I could get it to work, it wasn't coming out how my older pics did. It just didn't look very good. Within the last month, I finally discovered the airbrush, and realized it was exactly what I had wanted. :).
Other than that, I have one more pic I'm working on. It's MapleStory related again, and is only a few months old. Unlike the Luka one.. >_<;.
There is one more I kind of like that I may scan (the art's old now, so I won't color it), but that's all. I've been really busy with forum requests and asks lately, so I haven't had time (and honestly, inspiration) for anything else. D:. I need to draw something else, but I don't have anything in mind. It's been like this for months. >_<;. I got one more big idea, then nothing. It's really annoying. Maybe I'll do something else Maple related (perhaps expand upon a sketch I did that I never posted here), dunno. I've been into Fate/Stay Night and Sword Art Online lately too, so maybe I'll do some Fate/Stay or SAO art. And there's almost no Pandora Hearts art of Lily, so that's a possibility too. Or maybe something original..
Anyway, I'm back now. For now, anyway. :). I do have one more pic to post (one regular, anyway. I also have some forum requests to post), but that'll be done another day.

My Tumblr (checked and updated frequently):

My ask blogs (MapleStory related):

Ask Neinheart

Ask Black Mage Commander Will

Ask Francis the Genius Puppeteer
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Elise Grimwald
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
**the above is out of date, but I like the picture**

Hi. :). I'm Elise Grimwald (or Elise/Reine Schelmisch/Filia Ryuuza, it depends on the site. It's either Elise or Elise Grimwald on the WHOLE, though). I've been drawing since I was 8 years old, but only started trying to learn using How-to books when I was 15. I still feel that I have a long way to go, however. ^^;. And it's been 10 years since I began drawing seriously. I joined Deviantart on July 4th, 2003 (on my old account), and have loved it here ever since. In addition to drawing, I make wallpapers occasionally. However, I can't post them here. :(.
As for influences on my art.. I don't particularly emulate one artist. I've tried to make a style that's my own. I do, however, really enjoy the works of Ken Akamatsu, Cocoa Fujiwara, Mayumi Azuma, Aoi Mizuki, Studio R.R.O.C. (I loved their Harry Potter doujinshi), Yuna Kagesaki, Arina Tanemura, Yana Toboso, Hiromi, Kara, and Yuzu Mizutani.
In addition to drawing, I also enjoy writing fiction. I'm working on a novel titled "Moonlit Night". It's REALLY slow going for me, though. I also write and draw my own webcomic, which can be seen either on here, or on the website below. I also enjoy video games, particularly RPGs. I also love anime and manga, and am a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter series (as can be seen by my username. XD.).
I'm going to leave some of my old profile info, as well. Thanks for reading this, and I hope that you enjoy my art.

Old profile info that I think is relevant:
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Soft Rock, Pop (to an extent), Japanese music such as Vocaloid music
Favourite style of art: Anime, Soft celled CG, painted
Shell of choice: Magic Conch. XD
Favourite cartoon/anime/game character: Gaav, Fate Averruncus, Klaus(Nya), Asuna Kagurazaka, Jeanne, Lemina Ausa, The Warden, Brian Griffin, Yuki Cross (As Cross, not Kuran), Megurine Luka (does she count?), Makoto Sawatari, Neinheart, Fang the Sniper, Grell Sutcliff, Ciel Phantomhive, Alice (Pandora Hearts), Lily Baskerville, Rin Tohsaka, Lisbeth (Sword Art Online), Sinon (Sword Art Online), Kyoko Sakura, Kyubey, Vaughn (Harvest Moon), Pierre (Harvest Moon).
Personal Quote: "For the Greater Good"

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