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More or less just letting you know I'm alive. ^^;;. I don't have time right this second (I need to get to bed), but I'll post some asks from my Ask Neinheart blog later this week/today (depending on when I have time). Just to have something. I won't post all of them, but rather the ones that came out the best.
I also do have one ask for my Francis blog, but that's all.
Unfortunately, I haven't drawn anything worthwhile in months. All I feel like drawing are asks lately. :(. And character sketches, but those aren't submission worthy. I haven't completely scrapped wanting to CG my Luka drawing (I still like it a lot), but just haven't had time to color lately. >_<;.
I don't know why I've been like this for so long. Just out of inspiration, I guess. Which is really annoying. >_<;.
Anyway.. for those of you who actually did care about Solis et Noctis, you should be pleased to know I am resuming work on that. I finally have come up with something I'm satisfied with. :)
I will, however, have to scrap the old pages. The new story wouldn't work out with them anymore. I've rewritten it so that there would be no need for revenge, so the first page wouldn't work. Iruel's personality is also a bit different, so the dialog would have had to be changed to reflect that. I just feel it's better to start anew. The new plot allows for appearances of some older canon characters early on, and some of the 'new' generation to appear, too. So far, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Fenrir, and Peter Pettigrew (Unless I'm talking about him as a Marauder, I refuse to call him Wormtail--I don't hate him enough to do as the Death Eaters do and reduce him to a nickname) are going to make appearances, and Iruel's mother gets a more prominent role. At least this time, she gets to be introduced. XD. Peeves also makes an earlier appearance, and Victoire gets to appear. And Rose and Albus Severus will still make appearances, though later. And possibly with different appearances. I don't think I like the old designs very much. ^^;.
I drew the first page forever ago, and only need to erase the pencils and shade it. Right now, I'm probably just going to pencil shade everything, as it's all I have time for. Toning takes too long, and coloring is even worse. >_<;. Since it's inked, everything should show up alright enough.

Anyway, that's all for now. *scurries off to bed*

(I wish there was a permanent way to just leave every journal with this info)
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Filia Ryuuza
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Hi. :). I'm Filia Ryuuza, aka Reine Schelmisch/Elise Grimwald (it depends on the site). I've been drawing since I was 8 years old, but only started trying to learn using How-to books when I was 15. I still feel that I have a long way to go, however. ^^;. And it's been 10 years since I began drawing seriously. I joined Deviantart on July 4th, 2003 (on my old account), and have loved it here ever since. In addition to drawing, I make wallpapers occasionally. However, I can't post them here. :(.
As for influences on my art.. I don't particularly emulate one artist. I've tried to make a style that's my own. I do, however, really enjoy the works of Ken Akamatsu, Cocoa Fujiwara, Mayumi Azuma, Aoi Mizuki, Studio R.R.O.C. (I loved their Harry Potter doujinshi), Yuna Kagesaki, Arina Tanemura, Yana Toboso, Hiromi, Kara, and Yuzu Mizutani.
In addition to drawing, I also enjoy writing fiction. I'm working on a novel titled "Moonlit Night". It's REALLY slow going for me, though. I also write and draw my own webcomic, which can be seen either on here, or on the website below. I also enjoy video games, particularly RPGs. I also love anime and manga, and am a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter series (as can be seen by my username. XD.).
I'm going to leave some of my old profile info, as well. Thanks for reading this, and I hope that you enjoy my art.

Old profile info that I think is relevant:
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Rock, Soft Rock, Pop (to an extent), Japanese music such as Vocaloid music
Favourite style of art: Anime, Soft celled CG, painted
Shell of choice: Magic Conch. XD
Favourite cartoon/anime/game character: Gaav, Fate Averruncus, Klaus(Nya), Asuna Kagurazaka, Jeanne, Lemina Ausa, The Warden, Brian Griffin, Yuki Cross (As Cross, not Kuran), Megurine Luka (does she count?), Makoto Sawatari, Neinheart, Fang the Sniper, Grell Sutcliff, Ciel Phantomhive, Alice (Pandora Hearts), Vaughn (Harvest Moon), Pierre (Harvest Moon)
Personal Quote: "For the Greater Good"

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Halo, I see you posted on the ACen forum about getting a MapleStory cosplay gathering? I've ben wanting to cosplay my maple Dark Knight gurl for years now~ i think im gonna do it this year. I've got alot of work to do x.x I also have ben going to Acen for years now ^.~
We need to somehow spread the word to our fellow maplers~
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It would be awesome if you did. :). I love seeing MapleStory cosplays. It's really a shame they're so rare. >_<;. Fortunately, you still have quite a bit of time to make it. Fortunately for me, too. ^^;. I only have a few of the things I need for my cosplay. :(.
And that's great to hear. :). I've been going for years too (this will be my 11th year). :). And yes. We do. XD. I would love for the gathering to become a reality. There's only been one other to my knowledge, and that wasn't at ACen. We need to remedy that. XD. I've already made a post about it on Tumblr, and have already gotten one other person that would be interested. Maybe a post on the main MapleStory forum or one of the fansites would work? I'll see what the rules are regarding that on those forums, and post there.
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Since you are a fan of PLEASE (Onegai) TEACHER please stop by and Check out my pics of Please (Onegai) Teacher 10th Anniversary Celebration at Lake Kizaki in Japan summer of 2012 - Enjoy!

I have also written a 140 page screenplay called PLEASE TWINS II The Sequel which is also in my gallery.
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